Minecraft is an exciting game that came up in 2011, created by Mojang. Minecraft is a sandbox game in which people can construct forts is inspired by several other online games, including Dwarf Fortress. This game can be played solo as well as in a team.

There is no certain objective of the game. However, the players can build, craft, and show their creativity at their leisure.

There are many different modes available in this game that you can switch into. Each mode has its own challenges and difficulty level, which allows you to manifest your creative mind. These modes include survival, hardcore, adventure, spectator, and creative.

By setting, you can personalize your character as per your needs and show your creativity. You can give yourself tanks and shields to face weapons thrown by the enemy. Also, communicate with friends and invite them to build your castle with you. This game will be available on PC platforms and gaming consoles.